Real VR” is built with the quality and mobility freedom of a video game, so running it requires specialized gaming hardware. It must render each scene as you perceive it, which means it will innately have a lower render quality due to there not being enough time to produce a high quality rendered views in the time your head can spin or as you walk. This impacts the visual quality of light, shadow, reflections, and the light. This product is difficult to produce because it is still new to the Technology market, which results in a more expensive product.

360 tours are made of panoramic renderings. Because of the controlled nature of this product, the views are created in extremely high quality on our rendering farm in the same manner as our Photo-realistic renders. This means you will get the beautiful quality with more realistic light, shadows, and textures. 360 Tours are also much more cost effective. These Tours are organized by Hot=spots (one panoramic per spot) which you can move to smoothly through a load screen. This means you are not allowed to walk through the space freely like “Real VR” allows, but instead restrict you to that pre-made render location.

In a Google Cardboard or related simple VR-headset this impacts the level of immersion of the experience relative to “Real Vr”, because side-to-side motions of your head do not change what you see.

We recommend you try the 360 Tours on our portfolio page to see if they work for you.