Rendering Workflow

  1. Work begins after receipt of Model Files from client. See FAQ page for additional model formats.
    • Revit
    • SketchUp
    • Rhino
    • CAD drawings & elevations
  2. Each Model Drafts will be sent to client for review. Client can check to ensure views and geometry are correct and provide feedback.
    •Renderings: within 24-48 hours
    •Animations: within 72 hours
    •Unlimited Revisions*
  3. Each Render Drafts will be sent to client for review. Client can check to ensure design details and overall style are up to expectation and provide feedback.
    • Renderings: within 24-48 hours
    • Animations: within 48 hours
    • Unlimited Revisions*
  4. Final Rendering without H.T Watermark in high resolution.

* H.T does not limit good faith reviews but major changes to design could lead to additional expense.

Animation Workflow

  1. Modeling
    The initial animation draft will be in low resolution with no texture or lighting, and is only meant to confirm camera path/speed and model accuracy.
  2. Rendered Key-frames Review
    Key-frames which are still images with their textures and lighting will be provided to the client for review
  3. Animation Draft
    Confirm everything is accurate while seeing the project in motion, and make small changes to the animation
  4. Final High-Resolution Animation Delivery
    The Final High-Resolution animation (Standard 720p 1280×720) will take 3-5 days to render. For higher than 720p resolution, please contact us for additional cost pricing and rendering times.

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